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Pillar 1: CAD software

Domus-M wants to offer a simple and affordable professional CAD solution to architects and builders in the construction sector, especially when that solution has to meet specific needs. The solution is based upon a modular standard application with an extended 2D and 3D drawing instruction set. According the wishes of the user more or less functionality can be activated. Through additional customization software, solutions can be obtained for very specific problems. The CAD software can be integrated with other software packages, such as office programs for making bill of quantities, quotations and invoices.

Domus-M wants to be a confidential partner for his customers, starting from a clearly defining of the specifications, the implementation of the solution, the starting up and the training till the further support and maintenance. The software is completely built in house and is tested by professionals in the business. Beyond the software Domus-M can also guarantee for the computer equipment.

A high educated motivated team with experience is doing the programming. Some samples of specific solutions:

  • Making an optimal floor layout with corresponding bill of quantities
  • Simulation of a floor covering or a wall covering in a room
  • Making an optimal sawing plan


Domus-M wants to make CAD technology accessible for the rather small company without being schooled here for.

Domus-M further wants to develop OEM CAD software for companies that want to add a specific graphical application to their products but that don’t have the necessary knowledge in house.

Pillar 2: Services

Domus-M wants to offer services such as executing drawing work, making all kinds of simulations – small or big -, making bills of quantities, designing, drawing and coordination of building or renovations projects, etc.

Domus-M works together with an engineering and architectural office so that complete architectural projects can also be accepted from design to execution.