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Copyright (C) 2018 Domus-M

Cad4B is a simple and affordable CAD software with powerful 2D and 3D drawing functionality, mainly meant for building contractors and for architects, designers and draftsmen.

The intention is to make models and plans in a very productive way and to limit the time which is necessary to make changes.

All kinds of small and big extensions are possible on the base platform to eliminate repetitive or time consuming tasks.

Next, an administrative software, supported by a data base, takes care of making bill of quantities, describing documents, quotations, orders, invoices, …


  • Intuitive and user friendly user interface
  • Structured organization of projects and underlying models
  • Standard 2D and 3D drawing functions (drawing and editing of points, lines, polylines, polygons, arcs, circles, B-splines, hatches, texts, figures, dimensions)
  • Geometric editor for parametric figures
  • User definable properties on elements
  • Logical architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, roofs, foundations, ...
  • Structured organization of elements and parts of elements by means of layers, to identify and visualize elements per type (doors, walls, floors, ...) and per kind of representation (plan, 3D, section, …)
  • Powerful additional commands which simplify the drawing very much, such as:
    • Trimming of elements (2D & 3D)
    • Automatic generation of a 3D model by projecting plan elements against a set of planes
    • Cutting elements
    • Generation of 3D elements by drawing a section along a trace (eg. beams)
  • Very powerful possibilities during digging locations (eg. point perpendicular to a line element, points parallel to polylines, …)
  • Use of 3D construction planes that can be defined with an own system of axes
  • Possibility to use images as background (sous-mains) so scanned plans can be digitized or sketches can be converted into CAD designs
  • Removing hidden surfaces and lines
  • Automatic assembling of 3D models
  • Automatic generation of sections and elevations
  • Making bill of material
  • Drawing terrains
  • Rendering of photorealistic pictures of 3D models
  • Determination of perspective parameters out of a photograph
  • Draw with a photograph as sous-mains and map drawn elements to the 3D model space
  • DXF-interface to exchange models with other CAD packages such as AutoCAD
  • Plot drawing plans
  • Make maquette cutting plans
  • Generate STL files for 3D printer
  • Multilingual, at the moment: English, Dutch, French and German
  • Online help